Our Distribution Management system covers the entire chain of distribution from Order booking to invoicing and POD addressing the key issues of vehicle availability and tracking, express transit times, OTIF deliveries, and real-time visibility of all transactions.

Key Features





Technology is shaping the future of logistics. At RBTC, we have taken this trend to heart. We build proprietary technology to solve and address the various problems, complex, logistics throws at us, one by one. Our solutions are developed keeping the Indian landscape in mind with a clear focus on easy execution within the constraints that may exist. We are eager to integrate with customer ERPs to ensure a truly seamless experience. Needless to say we are quick to act on tech feedback from customers, and adapt our solutions to how our customers supply chain operations need.

RBTC Distribution Management System: DMS

Transportation in the Indian environment has traditionally been very tough and extremely complex. We have addressed this through technology. Our Distribution Management System (DMS) covers the entire chain of distribution from Order booking to invoicing. Some of the problems we’ve solved include increased vehicle availability through peak season, express transit times on all deliveries, OTIF% higher than 98.5%, and complete visibility of all transactions.

RBTC Warehouse Management System: WMS

Our warehouse operations experience allowed us to see that while there is no dearth of warehouse management systems (WMS) in the industry, the implementation of the systems was the key cause of concern. High costs, poor implementation and inadequate deliverable achievement has plagued all WMS. We thought out of the box and have developed our RBTC WMS as one that is easy to implement, easy to use, very cost effective and provides quantifiable benefits.

RBTC Warehouse Administration Platform: WAP

RBTC Warehouse Administration Platform Our warehouse service offering extends beyond the warehouse; we have aligned our entire organization to ensure that warehouse uptime is 100 %. Besides the in-warehouse activity, our systems support you by ensuring timely implementation of projects, time-bound recruitment and replacement and time-bound facility repairs and servicing to ensure that our teams at the warehouse are always operating with full strength and resources. When we support the frontline team’s, they ensure our customer’s delight.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM

It pays us to know our customers best and we have invested a whole lot in doing that. We rely on inhouse tools to ensure that we are able to service our customers to the levels that they seek and beyond. For this we recognized the need to go off the beaten track, and develop a CRM that is built entirely around our industry’s unique flow. This allows us to be nimble and adaptive to the changing needs of our customers and the industry.